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Youth employment services – Canadian youth unemployment, underemployment and underutilization undermines their own ability, and Canada’s, to plan for the future. Today’s underemployed and vulnerable youth won’t have the financial security when they’re older and ready to retire. Despite having one of the most educated populations in the world, Canada is not producing enough skilled graduates to sustain and enhance the country’s economic and social well being or its innovation capacity.


The PCAS Youth Employment Program is designed to provide the necessary entry level employment experience required to compete in the job market. The program provides skills, training and support for young people (16 -18) and works with them to participate in projects, events and workshops. Youth employment services inspires them by offering the chance to gain employment skills and helps them become confident, informed and empowered to be proud of whom they are as unique individuals. We also help them develop interview and CV skills to ensure and boost their confidence when taking the next step towards employment (youth jobs).

The program consists of structured employment focused activities and supports, which are fun, stimulating and young person centred which will help them to eventually succeed in the employment (youth jobs) market and contribute positively to their community.

The ultimate goal of our Youth Employment Program is to help young people acquire essential, entry-level, employment skills to achieve their full potential and at the same time encouraging them to embrace challenges with enthusiasm and confidence.

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