What Employment Challenges Do Newcomers Face in Canada?

You’re hired! Every newcomer in Canada wants to hear this. And after all struggles, you will finally celebrate! But the real challenge begins from here.

When you are new to the nation, getting any job is such a massive milestone that almost everyone sighs with relief and anticipates that all will be fine. Sadly, your first job is never what you expected it to be.

Often the hours, the salary, associates, or the working conditions are less than excellent. The job is often far from your aspired career, and if it isn’t, it is at a deeper level. You may have part-time when what you need is a full-time job. Getting ignited, getting a “foot in the door” is essential, but it is only the opening.

To navigate the career search and find procedures, it is necessary to understand that finding work in Canada is a process. This journey has various stops on the way to your goal.

Each of these first job situations has its difficulties. To meet those difficulties, it is essential to recognize that nobody keeps their first job. Either they are let go by the employer, or they prefer to leave.

Here’s why:

Hired within your culture or similar culture

When you are selected from within your own knowledge or by another immigrant, your manager may expect you to work for little money or ask you to take on risky or improper responsibilities for your job level. Companies from your own country may not give you a deal, could pay you in money, skip repayments or pay you much less than you should be paid, or evade paying the required taxes, creating difficulties later. Although it’s not always the case, it is simple to utilize people from your own country who benefit from your situation.

Hired an online/job post or a person who connects you with

When you happily obtain a job offer from a posted job or are correlated to a job opportunity by someone who understands you obliquely, the position is usually closer to what you are looking for. Still, the job context may not be a great fit. Sometimes you sense very uncomfortably struggling with other people, or they feel awkward working with you.

Expectations may not be cleared, and because you are new to the country, you often don’t know what your employer wants you to do and may make errors that are not corrected.

Most employers have trouble explaining why you aren’t a fit for the company; they fear a fierce backlash if they tell you or think you will not know their reasons.

Hired by a company that understands how to integrate newcomers

If you have been hired before landing in the country for a specialized position. Or you could have been hired as member of a group to perform annual or entry-level work. Although this appears to be closer to your job goal, the disconnect between your experience in your country and Canada, the challenges of settling in Canada, and your employer’s expectations are rarely aligned. You may be comfortable in the job originally, but you will want to move toward something that enables you to use your education, talents, and experience more instantly over time.

How to leverage the first job expertise

Unluckily, there isn’t much you can do to circumvent the difficulty of not keeping your first job. Everyone has to begin somewhere, and although you may be totally unaware of it, while you are in the midst of your efforts, you are actually receiving quite a bit about employer expectations and Canadian standards. This means that you begin to walk, talk and act in ways that meet employer expectations.

When you apply for 2nd or 3rd job and come to interviews, others will sense more pleased with you and more accepting. Why? Because you are more relaxed in the country and can concentrate on the employer and the interview rather than worrying, you will not know what is going on.

If anything looks doubtful about the job, you will see it right away because you now had that experience. You will seem less stressed about the situation because you have been through it before, and although you will undoubtedly do good work, you won’t expect the job to be permanent.