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Your Premier Outsourcing Partner for Kit Assembly, Bagging, Co-packing, and Storage Solutions!

PCAS is not just a fulfillment and copacking organization; we are a non-profit on a mission to make a difference in the lives of our community members. We believe in the power of empowerment and providing opportunities for growth to those who need it most. Our unique approach brings together newcomer clients, at-risk youth, and dedicated volunteers to create a vibrant, inclusive, and supportive work environment.

Our Purpose

At PCAS, our purpose goes beyond packing products; it’s about packing hope and building brighter futures. We understand the challenges that newcomers and at-risk youth face when seeking employment and stability. That’s why we provide them with a safe and nurturing space to learn new skills, gain valuable work experience, and develop self-confidence.


At PCAS, we specialize in providing top-notch assembly, kit assembly, and co-packing services for your diverse range of products. Our mission is to support your business by efficiently sending products directly to your valued customers. With our streamlined processes, you can expect quick and hassle-free fulfillment for all your upcoming packaging and assembly requirements.


With years of experience in handling our clients’ products, we take pride in our unparalleled expertise. Our knowledgeable team is well-versed in the right processes and procedures, ensuring that your products are handled with utmost care and precision. At PCAS, we are committed to delivering your projects on time and in a cost-effective manner, no matter the scale or complexity.


Tailoring our services to your exact requirements, we offer custom contract packaging solutions that perfectly suit your product needs. Our flexibility allows us to handle both large and small co-packing runs, catering to your specific demands. Our efficient bagging and hand assembly services guarantee a professional touch to every item we handle.

Why Choose Us?


By partnering with PCAS, you unlock the potential to save significant time and resources by outsourcing your product packaging and assembly to our team of experienced professionals. With our unwavering commitment to quality and timeliness, we guarantee seamless delivery to your customers, bolstering your packaging needs and enhancing overall business operations.

Product Labeling & Quality Control

Rest assured that your products meet the highest standards. Our meticulous quality control processes and product labeling services ensure that every item leaving our facility is top-notch.

Warehousing & Inventory Management

With secure warehousing facilities, we keep your products safe and organized, streamlining your operations.

Our Impact

By choosing PCAS, you contribute directly to the transformation of lives within our community. With every project we undertake, we provide valuable job training, mentorship, and a pathway to economic independence for our newcomer clients and at-risk youth. Our volunteer program fosters an inclusive environment where individuals from all walks of life come together, making a positive impact and leaving a lasting legacy.

Join Our Mission

Whether you’re a socially responsible business, an e-commerce entrepreneur, or an organization with fulfillment needs, partnering with PCAS means more than just exceptional services. It means investing in the future of our community, empowering newcomers and at-risk youth to build brighter tomorrows.

Support our mission and unlock the potential of positive change through our fulfillment and copacking services. Together, we can make a difference, one package at a time. Contact us today to embark on a fulfilling partnership!